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Are you tired about the typical city walking tour? Or simply interested for an alternative way to visit Bologna?
BIKEinBO has the right solution for you!
With our "bicycle to your door" service, you can have a Honolulu Bike delivered for free to your door, wherever you stay in Bologna!
Our bicycles will allow you to cycle around the city in a very comfortable way and enjoy places like:
- National art gallery in Bologna
- Archaeological Museum
- Medieval museum
- Museum of modern art
- Museums in the city
- Gardens and parks of Bologna

...And much more...


Felsina, Bononia, La Dotta, La Rossa, La Grassa: these are the names by which Bologna, a city more ancient than Rome, is known. Bologna still conceals traces of the Iron Age, of the Etruscans and of the Romans. This city is a real treasure and, despite its long and interesting history, is often off the typical tourist routes and pretty much unknown to the Italians themselves.
Since its foundation, the inhabitants of Bologna have studied at their famous University, expanded their boundaries, created an industrial heritage and fought in battles – but they have also been cooking with love and passion... and a shamelessly generous dose of flavour. Bolognese sauce, lasagne, tortellini, mortadella, rice cakes: these dishes have gained Bologna international fame. Bologna is now considered by many to be the gastronomic capital of Italy and it's often referred to as "La Grassa" (the fat one).

...Did you know?
Dante Alighieri visited Bologna and its renowned University, the first in Europe, in the 12th Century and he described the old town as a "SELVA TURRITA" (a forest made of towers). In fact, back in Dante's day, Bologna boasted about 180 towers, which made it very much look like a MEDIEVAL MANHATTAN. Of these many towers, 23 are still in place today (so there are a few more to discover in addition to the most famous couple of towers!).


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